Enough Already …

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Just a quick comment on this because I’m frankly tired of this whole topic already.

Kyle Eastmond is clearly one of the more exciting talents to emerge from the St Helens Academy over the past decade. So it goes without saying that both St Helens and the wider game would far prefer that he continue to be a rugby league star.

However, at the moment it seems that Eastmond has other ideas, although whether genuine or as part of a negotiation strategy to maximize his income remains to be decided. Whilst that’s fine, it’s a free country and Eastmond can make money from whatever sport is prepared to pay him, so we too as fans are free to form our opinions based upon the choices he makes.

Injuries kept the 21-year-old Eastmond out of a third of the Saints’ games last season and he’s yet to prove he can deliver consistently over the long haul.

So for mine, if Kyle Eastmond wants to maximize his time in sport with a body that is seemingly struggling with the physical demands of week-on-week engage Super League action then he could do far worse than try his hand in the Aviva Premiership. If Bath or Sale want to gamble £200,000 a year on Eastmond being the new ‘Jason Robinson’ then good for them.

The Saints have made a decent offer in good faith, they deserve the courtesy of a straight answer and not the lingering string-along game they are currently engaged in.

So Kyle, in the words of the immortal philosopher band, Moody Blues: … if you’re going to go, go now!