Stop the Senseless Slaughter of Badgers!

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The issue of bovine Tuberculosis and its spread, which has long been associated with badgers, is threatening to lead to a cull that would decimate the UK’s badger community

Having appealed successfully against the original cull plan proposed by the Welsh Assembly, the Badger Trust is now engaged in an ongoing struggle to repudiate government and agricultural lobbyist advice that supports the cull whilst lacking scientific credibility.

Far from easing the current bovine TB situation proposals in a Government’s consultation paper (published September 15) could actually make matters worse.

The suggestion that farmers and landowners might be licensed to shoot free-running badgers is unacceptable. Shooting badgers at night is likely to be inhumane, inefficient and potentially dangerous to all wildlife and to the public.

Whilst recognising that bovine TB is a major issue, the government proposals on control do nothing to resolve a complex problem which has its roots in the way cattle are managed and tested. Eradicating badgers will do nothing to lessen the impact of bTB.

Help stop this senseless and inhumane slaughter of wildlife.

  1. Download the response template from the Badger Trust website (a response to the government consultation paper)
  2. Copy and paste the document into an email with the subject line “Response to the Consultation on Bovine TB
  3. Add your answers clearly below each question.
  4. Add any comments of your own as you wish
  5. Send the email to (Alternatively, if people prefer to send it by post, the form can be printed off, completed and sent. In either case, a copy should be retained by the sender).

If we are to save the badgers it is imperative that as many people as possible respond to this consultation before the closing date of 8th December 2010.

Thousands upon thousands of people care about the wildlife to be found in the UK but it is only by taking the time to respond to this Consultation that we and they can hope to influence the Government to reconsider their proposals to licence farmers and landowners to slaughter thousands of badgers.

According to Pat Hayden, Badger Trust’s vice chairman:

If the licensing of farmers and landowners to cull badgers in selected areas is authorised, it will not only be the very small number of infected badgers that will be slaughtered. Thousands of perfectly healthy, beautiful badgers will meet terrible deaths.

Depending on where you live, they could be badgers or the descendants of badgers you have watched for many years.

None of us want that to happen and that is why we must all unite and do our utmost to create a larger response to this consultation than has ever been received for any previous consultation issued by Government. We all care about our wildlife so we must make our voices heard in numbers which the coalition Government will be unable to ignore.

Act now to save the badger; our wildlife is precious.