Month: October 2010

Wales pip France to win Alitalia European Cup

ALITALIA EUROPEAN CUP -- FRANCE 11 WALES 12 byline: Phil Caplan RLEF Iestyn Harris’ young Welsh side heroically won the Alitalia European Cup – and with [...]

Ireland debut at the Tallaght Stadium

Phil Caplan (RLEF Media Manager) Ireland play their first home fixture of the 2010 European Cup in Tallaght Stadium on Sunday- a venue which has impressed [...]

The Fall of Hadryn, Son of Imrik … (extract)

The wind tore at Imrik’s cloak as the dragon Minathar soared above the Asbach Plains. Below him, the rolling grasslands were a patchwork of green. To his [...]

Italy set for Rugby League growth

Phil Caplan (RLEF Media Manager) Following their recent victory over Wales in Wrexham and a drawn home series with Lebanon, there are signs of definitive [...]

Our ghost

Crash! The sound of a saucepan hitting quarry tiles echoes through the early morning. I start. Outside the conservatory I see that night is ebbing slowly away. [...]

France 58-24 Ireland

France restored some pride to their rugby league game Saturday, atoning in part for their 60-6 capitulation against England earlier in the year they ran in 10 [...]

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