USA2010 (Sep 15 2pm): Whale-watch update

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The whale-cruise was a two-for-one deal. Not only did we eventually get to see whales, but the ride was as rough as a Widnes-bouncer (allegedly), a real white-knuckle experience. I recommend Bonine the chewable Raspberry flavoured pills worked wonders on me; and I get seasick in the bath.

Now I’m not one to grumble, but … all the other ships out there had their own performing whales tap-dancing and belly-flopping around them. Whereas we hopped from point to point and hovered on the edges catching glimpses of spouting blow-holes and disappearing tails for the most part.

In the end though we did find an exhausted pod of whales too tired to get out of our way. They flopped around a bit and listlessly flicked their tails for the clicking-cameras. It was a blast. And I did manage to get a couple of reasonable whale-like shots. But the Alaskan shots are still better I think.