USA 2010 (Sep 15, 10pm): It’s a small world, Miles …

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Not a lot of Brits will know of Miles Standish, who was a prominent member of the Pilgrim fathers who set out from England on the Mayflower and the Speedwell in search of a land in which they would be forever free to practice their religious beliefs.

I know of Miles because he was a member of the Standish family whose family seat was in the town of Standish on the outskirts of Chorley (where I now live) and Wigan.

Well, I found out today that Provincetown was the place where the Pilgrim Fathers first made landfall on American soil. Miles Standish led a party of 16 to survey the land with a view to settlement. But they abandoned the task upon finding no tillable land in the vicinity due to the (then) extensive forest and having had to travel 30 miles along the cape to find a source of drinking water.

And so here I am, at the very spot where Miles Standish of the Standish, parish, and member of the St. Laurences’ Parish Church of Chorley, first set foot on American soil.

It’s a small world and I learn more about it every day.