USA 2010 (Sep 10, 4pm) Anchorage away …

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Back in Anchorage on the final day I decided to explore downtown. I’ve never seen a less impressive city, from an architectural perspective at least; to say it was functional modern flatters it.

Downtown comprises about 3 avenues and a half dozen streets, containing 2 half-hearted high-rises, the ConocoPhillips Building and the Atwood Building (not even skyscrapers) and a Sears shopping mall, complete with a Carrs and a Barnes and Noble book store.

I had hoped to explore some of the parks and walks, which are reputed to be good, but my injured leg prevented that. In a way that was good because I’m happy to have spent the extra time in Seward rather than Anchorage.

So much so that after I dropped the car off I opted to go to the airport at 4:30pm for a 10pm flight. There seemed more to do there.

I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and watched the final innings of Tampa @ Toronto via the airport’s WiFI internet link. Then I had a bowl of chilli from Chilis, which was not a patch on Linda’s home made stuff.

After that a bit more surfing, some reading and helping some folks find a flight from ANC to Atlanta. Suddenly it was time to leave Alaska. I wonder if I’ll return.

I can’t help feeling I needed to be 20 years younger to really enjoy all that it has to offer. It is such a vast state and there is so much to see that you really need the energy to hike and around. I’d love to go up to Fairbanks and around the Denali National Park, which I believe has more wildlife then Kenai.

I’ll put it on my bucket list for a future life.