USA2010 Tour ( Wed Sept 1): First impressions …

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So first impressions? Well the city of Boston itself is neat. It has oodles of that unique blend of retro-modernism that has Brits shaking their heads in bemusement sometimes. You know, at those quaint school buses, trucks pushing huge bonnets, or the patriotic esteem in which firemen are (rightly) held here.

I’m just saying … Boston has the loudest sparrows I’ve ever heard

Haven’t had much time to explore. Just a sweaty mooch in the city on the way to the apartment (hey who knew it was going to be 90F here in September?), which put me in the mind of Manchester (England). Whilst the apartment itself is situated in what would be the mirror-Salford. A real eclectic college mix. Not rough, just interesting.

I had a long and weary – it was midnight to my body – stroll to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Wednesday evening. It was impressive. Especially the Asian and Oriental sculptures (for example). But in the end was too tired to do it real justice. I probably missed as much as I saw. The Chinese and Japanese paintings were beautiful though. And there was a (patron-donated) Maple and Walnut (coffee) table that was just fabulous.

Before I went into the MFA I realised I was starving. So I went into the first place I spotted in the vicinity. What luck. I had a terrific pepperoni pizza slice (x2) at University House of Pizza (UHOP) right opposite the Huntington entrance to the MFA. What’s more I caught the early innings of the Redsox game from Baltimore. Cool. I saw the end of that sorely needed win on cable at the apartment later.

I’m just saying … Boston has the loudest sparrows I’ve ever heard (although I don’t know for sure they’re sparrows, just the commonest street bird and look about the same). These are, to their timid British cousins, what Dame Edna Everidge is to the Queen.

And the crickets, I guess ‘circadda’, join in the evening chorus to. It’s a fascinating glimpse at evolution in action, because Boston’s array of emergency service vehicles have a startling range of audible sirens, buzzer, bells and horns at their disposal. Nature is just about out-competing them.

We live in interesting times.