Month: September 2010

So farewell then, Knowsley Road …

They'll miss this place when it's gone. When its shabby tin-roofed grandstands are torn down. When the hallowed turf is ripped-up and its acreage - parcelled [...]

Playoff payoff drop-off …?

I’m worried about playoff payoff drop off. No, that’s not United’s new Russian centre-forward. It’s just a catchy headline to summarise a very real [...]

The final grunt here …

Knowsley Road’s playing surface glistens pristine emerald green beneath the floodlights, its glossy look heightened no doubt by two-months of more or less [...]

Saints progress to 5th successive Grand Final

Saints 42-22 Huddersfield Giants Saints sealed a trip to a fifth successive Grand Final with a hard fought victory over an in-form Huddersfield Giants outfit [...]

USA 2010 (Sep 15, 10pm): It’s a small world, Miles …

Not a lot of Brits will know of Miles Standish, who was a prominent member of the Pilgrim fathers who set out from England on the Mayflower and the Speedwell [...]

USA2010 (Sep 15 2pm): Whale-watch update

The whale-cruise was a two-for-one deal. Not only did we eventually get to see whales, but the ride was as rough as a Widnes-bouncer (allegedly), a real [...]

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