Badger Cull Update – face time for the Save the Badger Lobby

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The Badger Trust refuses to concede defeat in their battle to overturn the decision of the Welsh Assembly to instigate a badger cull in West Wales.

The trust yesterday applied to the High Court for permission to take their case to the Court of Appeal. There they hope logic and compassion will overturn the rejection of its challenge to the legality of the Welsh Assembly Government’s (WAG) decision to kill badgers as one of its measures intended to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (bTB) from Wales.

Specifically the trust are concerned that this case may lead to a more widespread cull of wildlife across the UK as Chairman of the Badger Trust, David Williams, explained:

“This case has raised matters of much wider public importance – in both legal and non-legal terms. The judgment in the judicial review could be interpreted as giving a green light to the killing of all sorts of wildlife across England and Wales on the flimsiest of evidence of any benefit in the form of disease prevention.

“Worryingly, the judgment explicitly rejects the Trust’s argument that before a cull can be lawful a balancing exercise needs to be carried out, which weighs up the harm posed to badgers (in this case) against the potential benefit in terms of disease reduction.

“As a registered charity we have a duty to work for the welfare of badgers for the public good. Consequently the Trust must do all it can to ensure that the legislation that is clearly intended to protect animals does so, and that any exceptions to prohibitions have to be rigorously tested.”

The Badger Trust has been working closely with Save the Badger, the umbrella organisation set up in Wales to co-ordinate the activities of all organisations working to combat the cull of badgers in West Wales (and possibly elsewhere in the future).
Now it seems there has been something of a breakthrough. John Evans (Save the Badger) was delighted to hear that weeks of working to persuade the media to give the plight of the badgers some viewing time had finally paid off. It seems he has succeeded in persuading some of the landowners living in the IAPA to speak openly to ITV journalists about their personal experiences and how this proposed in the beautiful part of Pembrokeshire and environs is affecting their lives.

It is hoped that the resulting footage will be shown on the ITV Wales Local News programme between 6.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. tonight (Thursday 6th May). However, if the Election takes precedence, then the footage may be shown on Friday 7th May at the same time.