Year: 2009

Welsh Hokey Cokey !!

The RFL Board of Directors has approved an application from a consortium of South Wales businessmen to enter a Neath team into The Co-operative Championship [...]

Danish stitch-up climate change agreement

News from COP15 of a leaked accord text was profoundly disappointing. Whilst it raises concerns of outside forces undermining the conference, coming as it does [...]

The windy politician and the shifting sands of time …

Copenhagen. December 2009. That sound? It's the sands of time rustling through earth's hour glass. Time is running out ... not on our world, that will survive [...]

Change is afoot.

Big changes are on the way for League13. I'm going to split the site into two, separating out the sports content from the environmental and political [...]

Who cares wins …

Climategate has put a great big fat cat right in amongst the pigeons proclaiming climate change as a watershed for humanity.And by fat cat I do mean ‘Fat [...]

On the way

Five fifteen on a damp Saturday morning. Not even the garden blackbird is awake. Me? I'm brewing coffee and stuffing an ever increasing amount of gear into [...]

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