End of the (Knowsley) Road

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St.Helens have confirmed that 2010 will be their final season at the famous Knowsley Road (aka, GPW Recruitment) Stadium. The club will move into their new stadium to start the 2011 season.

Commenting on the announcement, Saints CEO, Tony Colquitt, explained:

“As everyone knows all relevant bodies have been working together to finalise the new stadium scheme,”

“It’s been an incredibly complex process, accentuated by the wider economic climate. We will be moving into the new stadium in 2011 and consequently 2010 will be our last season at Knowsley Road.

“Whilst it’s exciting times, we also acknowledge that it’s only fitting that we celebrate 120 years at Knowsley Road. The ground’s history is interwoven with that of the town, its people and the game. We will announce a whole series of events early in the New Year that will allow all our fans to participate.

“We are including Saints Heritage Society, Fans’ Groups and the Past Players Association in our discussions. The activities are likely to include a special farewell game, Gala Dinners, the nomination of Saints’ greatest ever 17 and a whole range of memorabilia. ”

The Club has already launched a heritage shirt that reflects the first ever colours the Club played in at Knowsley Road in 1890 and it will hold a series of Fans Forums over a week during February to allow Season Ticket Holders to view the venue’s layout and have the chance to reserve seats at the new stadium.

The exact timing of new stadium opening will be confirmed in the next few weeks, with the club likely to play the first few games of the 2011 season on the road.”

Saints Chairman, Eamonn McManus, added:

“The Boxing Day derby between Saints and Wigan first took place in 1905 and has been a key date in the British sporting calendar as one of THE derbies in British sport.

“This one is its last and will be an emotional affair at the start of an exciting and very emotional year for the world famous ground and for the St. Helens Club and people.   

“Our dream of a new stadium is fast becoming a reality and years of hard work, and overcoming sometimes seemingly insurmountable problems, are now taking on a real and physical manifestation.

“All I can do is encourage you to take stock of the momentous time now unfolding in the history of the Club and enjoy your last season at our world famous old ground as much as we will at our new stadium in 2011.”