Month: December 2009

Chris Henry – the tragedy of a flawed talent

Cincinnati Bengals' wide-receiver, Chris Henry, died in hospital Thursday of injuries sustained when falling from a moving pcikup truck in what police are [...]

Woods hails RL in Wales

The hills may be alive with the sound of music, but the valleys are longing for rugby league and the future has never been brighter for the sport in Wales. The [...]

End of the (Knowsley) Road

St.Helens have confirmed that 2010 will be their final season at the famous Knowsley Road (aka, GPW Recruitment) Stadium. The club will move into their new [...]

Crusaders meet the Dragons

After years of struggle and uncertainty the town of Wrexham has a bright sporting future. Erstwhile FA Cup giant-killing heroes, Wrexham FC, and the famous old [...]

National Conference in Safe Hands

Good news is rare for the sport outside of the top competitions so it was great to hear that Hattons Solicitors will sponsor the National Conference [...]

Five for Four

Radio 4 and I have this love/hate thing going on. I tune in every morning ... but as soon as I hear the words "And now it's time for thought for the day..." I [...]

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