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We were amongst the first at the table. We grabbed a larger share, leaving less for those who came after. It’s time to foot the bill.

December 7th sees Copenhagen hosting crucial talks on climate change. Talks that could shape the future of our children and their children. Talks that must bind reluctant nations to difficult decisions and commit them to action.

The meeting is the latest in a series of efforts by the United Nations to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. The sequence began at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 when more than 100 world leaders agreed to take action on climate change and signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

That framework includes the Kyoto Protocol. It commits developed nations, who through that development have contributed most to CO2 levels, to binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Protocol places a heavier burden on developed nations to reduce their emissions more quickly and to foot some of the costs in helping developing nations bear the increased costs of greener energy.

Copenhagen represents an historic opportunity for world leaders to commit to actions that help protect us from the disastrous consequences of dangerous climate change.

Yet those rich nations, including the UK, are attempting to abandon their responsibility to cut their emissions first and fastest by getting rid of the targets under the Kyoto Protocol. They are also failing to put adequate sums of money on the table to ensure that developing countries can grow cleanly and adapt to the effects of climate change.

The amounts needed are at least 200 billion euros a year, and this needs to start flowing by 2012.

So, what is the Wave?

We need to make sure that the UK negotiators get a clear message that we want them to act for a strong, fair and legally binding agreement, and that we’ll be watching them and trying to ensure that they deliver on our behalf.

The Wave is our message.

The demonstration will take place in London on December 5th to put pressure on UK delegates as they prepare to start the talks, and to join our Copenhagen Action Alert to keep the pressure on as the talks progress. A


  • To give the UK negotiators a clear message that the UK people support a strong, fair and legally binding agreement on Copenhagen as they head off to the talks;
  • To keep the pressure up on the negotiators during the talks to ensure that they support a strong, fair and legally binding global agreement on climate change.

To take part:

Just bring yourself, your friends and family down to London on December 5th to join thousands of other marchers in support of a strong, fair and legally binding climate change agreement. Dress in blue to show that you’re part of The Wave.

Friends of the Earth supporters will be meeting at the North Audley Street entrance to Grosvenor Square from 11.15, and will move into the Square by 12 noon.

At 3pm, all the marchers will encircle Parliament in silence to show solidarity with the millions of people worldwide whose lives are at risk from climate change.

You can make your own way to The Wave, or join one of the many trains or coaches being chartered from all over the country to bring marchers to London. Many are being organised by Friends of the Earth local groups.

Alongside experienced environmental campaigners, many thousands of marchers will be taking part in their first demonstration, including me. I’m 50 and scared of my own shadow, but there comes a time when a stand has to be made.

So wrap up warm (dig out that pac-a-mac too), pack some food and drink, and join fellow activists on what I believe will be an inspiring, symbolic and important day. It may not change the world … but it might change your life.

There’s information about transport options here:

And comprehensive event information here: