Tomorrow is Manchester’s Climate Action Now conference

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It’s dark now and the end of a tiring week. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, even though I’m set for another early start.

It’s the eight a.m. train into Manchester for me as I head into town for a Climate Action Now – Countdown to Copenhagen conference.

It’s my first visit to anything like this and I’ve pretty much zero idea what to expect, but I know that we all need to act wisely and swiftly on some complex issues. So I’m gearing up to find out more about those issues.

The event is set for a 9:30 start at New Century Hall in Corporation Street and according to the scant information I can find it’ll include:

  • Film
  • Music (no chuffing rap I hope)
  • Speakers
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Questions/Answers
  • Climate ‘Question Time’: expert panellists answer your questions.
  • Copenhagen workshops: All you need to know about taking action in the run up to Copenhagen and beyond.
  • Co-operative marketplace: Get hands on and learn what you can do to tackle climate change locally.
  • First-hand reporting: Hear someone from the developing world talk about the devastating impact of climate change.

You can find out more about it here:

If you do decide to pop along say hallo to the big bozo who looks like he’s in the wrong meeting. It’ll be me.