Guardian ungagged …

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The Guardian revealed to day that the gagging order had been defeated, following unprecedented online response

Trafigura drops bid to gag Guardian over MP’s question

• Web users publish details of legal issue raised in parliament

• Labour member asked about injunction over toxic waste case

Quite apart from their despicable contempt for the environment and human life, Trafigura, are not it seems prepared to subvert democracy itself in an effort to preserve their perishing reputation.

Yet in true marketing spin style their web site proclaims:

Trafigura’s impact on the global economy is a positive one; our responsibility is to the communities in which we operate, our customers, our suppliers and employees.

A classic and stunning example of the Orwellian double-speak that such organisations hide behind.

It’s time to make this type of action and the people who perpetrate it pay, and the reported £30m settlement does not even come close to matching the magnitude of their crime, nor the consequences of it.