Red Sox Folded

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The Red Sox season ended as it has progressed since the All Star break, with a stumble and a whimper.

The season-ending sweep inflicted by the LA Angels came as Jonathon Papelbon gave up his first post-season runs to blow a 4-out save in the top of the ninth innings, giving up 2 runs on his first pitch in the eighth inning, then a further two in the ninth innings, which put the Angels on top 7-6.

The Red Sox bats, which had sparked briefly to open a 5-1 lead, were silent again in the ninth.

It’s been that way all season as frustrating stop-start tapestry; decent pitching but no hitting, hitting and starting pitching but a patchy bullpen, hitting but no pitching. Rare was the occasion when everything came together.

The sox have been a hard team to get a feel for all season and its the first time in a long time that I’ve struggled to engage with them as a fan. So many of them have struggled this season, with injuries, or poor form, or just plain ill-preparedness.

Time now then to focus on football and put the baseball mitt away for a few months, until the fresh scents of spring awaken the yearning for crack of hide on wood.

Sad to think though, that the way is now open for the Yankees. I hope the Angels can carry their confidence into the ALCS and put the NYY on their asses.

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