Culpepper Steeled for Backlash from the Lions’ Den …

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Week Five isn’t going well for the Lions, although going by the half time score board thing ain’t as bad as they might be. It clearly shows them just eight points adrift of last season’s NFL Super Bowl champion, Pittsburgh Steelers,

Yes. Eight points. It’s amazing considering that with Matty Stafford out nursing his injured knee, Dante Culpepper is filling in and showing why he’s no longer the starter.

Ok the offensive line is … well offensive; but Culpepper is as slow as a Mississippi riverboat out there. And I don’t just mean physically. He’s struggling to read b-l-i-t-z and getting caught short every time. Hopefully this’ll finally knock the ‘shouldna started Stafford’ brigade firmly on the head.

Only a pick-6 and the boot of Hanson is making a game of this one, although the Steelers got a break on their second TD, with another woeful roughing-the-passer call giving them a piggy-back to the endzone.

Can’t wait for the second half. Hope it’s not another uphill one like last week …

Well. I always wondered what a ‘Statue of Liberty’ play actually looked like. Now I know. I looks like a dumbfounded QB who takes an eternity to realise the pass rush is coming for HIM and that it’d be good if he didn’t have the BALL when they arrived.

Culpepper flattered to deceive, taking the Lions to within a two-point converted TD of tying the Super Bowl champions (did I mention that already?). And then he reverted to type, taking three successive sacks to march the Lions backwards from the red zone as the final two minutes frittered away.

Hell, that’s a cruel way to lose.

I can’t understand anyone wanting to got with DC now; come back Matty all is forgiven.