European Democracy; the ebb tide …

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Hear that? That soft noise, brushing at the edge of your consciousness?

That is the sound of footsteps. Just one pair in a billion such footsteps shuffling ever closer to a bureaucratic autocracy; sleepwalking away from democracy and into the arms of dictatorship.

The Irish ‘Yes’ vote proved only that given a 50/50 choice, even the Irish can produce the desired answer the second time around.

But at least they’ve been asked the question.

Have you?

Chances are you’re British, and if so then the answer is no, you haven’t. Not once has anyone asked you if you wanted to cede your national sovereignty.

Oh, they asked if you’d like to join the EEC, right enough. They even held a celebration when enough of you said ‘Yes’.

But Maastricht was a very different matter. No one asked a sausage then; they knew they dare not.