Capitalism: A love story … if only

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Michael Moore’s latest movie ‘Capitalism: A love story‘ opens today (Friday, October 2nd, 2009) in selected cinemas across America.

Capitalism is a satirical swipe at the corpulent heart of corporate America, revealing the seedy truths about who really runs the country and how.

According to Moore the movie is:

“so relentless, so dangerous, so damning in its humor, that it will — I can only hope — do what no movie has done before: Take them down, take them all down, once and for all.”

Moore adds:

“I will show you things and tell you things about how the captains of corporate America have stolen our country from us. No one on the nightly news is bringing these truths to you.

“I will pull back the curtain and reveal who’s responsible for the calamity we’re in. That’s right — I name names and I explain why this economic system we have is nothing more than legalized greed, and Wall Street is nothing more than a crime syndicate in suits.”

Whether it really lives up to that billing only time will tell. What is for certain is that there is a tale to tell here and that Moore may still be the best man to do it. If only we had someone to do the same for Britain.