Aside: Chillin’ with some football

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Finished my report on the engage Super League playoff game, now tuned-in to ESPN America to chill with a couple of College Football games.

At the moment the Indiana-Michigan game is in the 3rd quarter. Surprised to see the Hoosiers living with Michigan in this one. They lead 26-21 and are running the ball really well. But they’re unable to make the big play inside the red zone and that is likely going to cost them their 17th successive loss to Michigan.

Ah, see. QB, Tate Forcier, runs a keeper in on the angle at the right corner to put Michigan up by one, make that three; Forcier just repeated the trick as the Wolverines go for the two-point conversion.

Game over, Hoosiers.

Or heck, maybe not.

Some geezer name Willis (Darius) just ran the kickoff back to absolutely stun this 108,000 strong crowd. Some poor woman looked absolutely gutted with disbelief there. Oh, boy. A classic image from the cameraman that. Great job.