NFL Week 1: Lions show some teeth in the Big Easy

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It wasn’t long into Sunday’s game before it dawned on me the Lions weren’t going to win. In fact I probably knew beforehand, even before a quick glance at revealed that King was stepping in to takeover from Buchannon on an already below par defence.

But I’d barely digested that information before Marcus Coulston was settling down to cocktails in the Lions’ endzone. Seven down and only three minutes off the clock. Oh well, at least we get to see Matt Stafford early.

What happened? Stafford’s first possession came and went in a blur as I fiddled around trying to resurrect my internet feed.

Predictably SKY TV were showing Brett Favrrrrrre’s debut as a Vikings. Can’t get excited about that at all. Used to love the guy (not in a bad way) but the way he’s handled the whole retire-not-retire fiasco has got my goat. And now hijacking the Vikings position above Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels – missing camp and all – just stinks of disrespect for fellow professionals.

When I eventually got the feed working Drew Brees was again feasting on King. Ah well 14-down isn’t surmountable.

And my first glimpse of Stafford in action was awesome. He almost converted a 3rd and 8 short of the goal line. Then the Lions went for it on 4th down and Kevin Smith tackes Stafford’s pitch out to walk in at the left corner. Top man Schwarzy. Ballsy call. I’m liking these Lions.

And for all the Lions came up short in this game there was a lot to like. Offensively they are a whole lot better than last season’s edition.

But oh that defence. Someone needs to step up or it won’t matter how good Stafford is or isn’t.

On the whole Stafford impressed as well as any QB who tosses three INTs can impress. He zipped some passes right on the money but was off the wall on others. Hey, it’s a first start, he’ll improve. At least he had decent protection most of the time.

All in all we lost an entertaining game we didn’t expect to win. So a relatively painless learning process so far.