Don’t bet your shirt on it: unless you’re a banker of course.

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The appearance of the Warrington Wolves in the Rugby Football League’s Carnegie Challenge Cup Final at Wembley presents an ideal opportunity for demonstrators to protest the closure of the UK’s only wind-turbine manufacturing plant.

Workers for the Wolves’ shirt sponsors, Vestas, are still fighting for their jobs despite the closure of the Danish company’s Isle of Wight facility and the demise of 600 jobs.

Vestas opted to close their UK wind-turbine production facility to move it to the USA, where orders are, apparently, plentiful. This despite the fact that the UK government has announced its intention to invest in Green energy production in general and wind-turbines in particular.

Whilst is now seems that Vestas’ involvement is beyond saving, there are still valuable skills and experience within that workforce, which the government would be foolish and remiss to throw away. Unless this is just another empty politician’s promise, now is the time to act.

Yet this Labour government seems more willing to invest in failed and corrupt banks, thank in the industrious skills of British workers.