Dipping into 97.1 The Ticket

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I was walking the dog in the park Monday evening listening to WXYT‘s stream of the midday Karsch & Anderson show on my Nokia E71 using Internet Radio.

Some caller named Mike rang in to rip Matt Stafford as a B-U-S-T… yep the dude really spelled it out. Boy he didn’t hold back on his opinion that after a couple of quarters of pre-season ball he knew the guy was gonna be a bust. In fact I think he said he knew it before the draft.

Well the jury still is out on it as far as I can see. But he does have a point about the track record of number one pick QBs. Just today heard Alex Smith (49ers top pick in 2006/7?) is named behind Shaun Hill who will be the west coast starter. And he’s far from the only one in what is a hit and miss, high cost gamble.

It’s got to be a hell of a step up for the guys and on top of all the football pressure there’s the off field stuff to deal with. Then all the worries that suddenly being a 20-something single multi-millionaire must bring with it. You know: which car to drive to the training pitch, what gear to wear, which super model should I shake the socks off tonight and all that. It’s gotta be tough.

Course today is the day that news on Miichael Beasley broke, with the 20-year old NBA star issuing an apparent suicide threat via Twitter. A troubled soul even before becoming the Heat’s pick (#2 overall) last year he put up decent decent first year numbers but is dogged by a rumoured drug problem.

Pro sport really has to do a better job of acclimatising ‘kids’ to the lifestyle that’s opening up to them.