Celtic concerns

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I can’t think of a single instance of a team relocation to another city solving that team’s problems. Can you?

Seibold: the Crusaders’ future is bright

Now I can recall quite a few moves:

  • Kent Invicta to Southend
  • Cardiff Blue Dragons to Bridgend
  • Huyton to Runcorn to Prescot to St Helens
  • Blackpool to Trafford to Chorley to Blackpool
  • Nottingham I think moved to Rotherham

That’s just from memory and doesn’t include any of the myriad London moves, the ludicrous Gateshead-Hull merger or the infamous Sheffield-Huddersfield fiasco.

Not a single one worked. So as much as I want Celtic to succeed, I cannot share Mr Seibold’s optimism. I just hope he’s right.

I note the Crusaders are intent on taking a game to Wrexham in 2010 and that’s a location which might just be their ultimate salvation.

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