Redsox blues

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Don’t waste too much brainpower pondering what’s up with the #Redsox. The answer is pitching … or is it?

Sure the reputedly deep Boston pitching is down to number one and two starters plus three number fives. But ask the question why.

Josh Beckett and Jon Lester are their only credible pitchers. Redsox fans can at least rely on them to go six-plus innings consistently.

Tim Wakefield’s all star first half of the season has taken its toll on the forty year old and he will do well to pitch again this season.

As for the others: Brad Penny is being, well, Brad Penny, and following up a half decent first half by imploding.

John Smoltz’s recovery was always going to be a long shot, a huge bonus if he came through in September. Well maybe he still will but the signs don’t look good. Tonight’s outing against the Yankee’s red hot left handed bats could make or break his prospects with the sox.

And that brings us to Clay Bucholz and the crux of the problems; the Redsox seeming inability to accurately value their prospects’ talent.

Does Bucholz hurl a mean ball? Sure. He’s even living off a no hitter. But what he plainly lacks is bottle and composure.

You know … the stuff we all remember seeing Lester demonstrate as he grew from prospect to starter.

The Sox continued dalliance in cashing in the Penny/Bucholz ticket before trading deadline may well cost them a playoff spot as Tampa and Texas snap at their heels.

But to compound that dalliance by trading the glue that was holding the rickety pitching together – Masterson – was just one gamble too far.

Masterson’s long relief, his ability to bridge the gap between a poor start and the solid closers Bard and Papelbon at least gave the Redsox bats a chance to turn a game around.

It’s time for the Sox to get real … this is a flawed team, made so by complacency over the development and trade value of prospects.

Unless the Dice Man rides to their rescue this could be a short season.

Posted by Wordmobi