Infinite Moment 0.2

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Infinite Moment

old photographs,
fading images
of people once known.

passers-by in life
who touched us briefly
and left to go their way.

how fare you now?
these years gone by
have they been kind?

or has the road been harsh
and have the gales of time
left you battered and bewildered?

in that moment when the
camera clicked, an infinity
stood untrod before us.

possibilities uncountable
lay at our feet, as plans
and dreams and hopes and fears.

yet now i sit and contemplate
the path that drags me down
to fields of fading memories.

like poppies spread before me
a sea of red, a sombre joy,
a cameras click.

if we could bring
that moment back
what would we change from then?

Ian Bridge (C) 2002