Packers un-ravel …

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Brett Favre always was the player I most wanted to be. Tough. Gritty. Swashbuckling. Tragic. Triumphant . And ultimately, heroic.

Favre was Superman at play.

Could he still lead a tooled-up team to glory? Death or Glory? Hell, yeah! Just not these Packers. The rebuilding – maybe – Packers. The Packers stocking-up on low grade Draft picks hoping to find a diamond in the rough.

Not even Thomas Cook’s Tour Guide of the Year could lead that green crew to a Super Bowl. Not even with a revved-up Tom-Tom.

So, no wonder the guy is frustrated. Does he want out? Probably.

We said here last year the time was past when the Packers and he could have made a nice, tidy and ‘still friends’ break. Now they are heading for a freefall into acrimony. This (losing) season will finally drain the last dregs of love from the Packer-Favre love-fest.

And that is the inevitable consequence of the short term strategy that Favre has forced onto the Packer organisation by refusing to commit to anything other than 1 year extensions. Not that the Packers are excused … stronger management would have forced the issue three years ago now.

So, look for him to be a Vick-evicting Atlanta Falcon – for one season only – as he strives to ‘Elway’ one more Superbowl ring in 2008.