More on Newton’s Law …

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The RFL is endangering its players and jeopardising club finances by failing to act forcefully against the endemic foul play of repeat offenders.

Case in point: Terry Newton’s three-game ban for a high tackle on Leeds’ prop Jamie Thackary (see story here).

Newton is not the only one but he is the most obvious and persistent offender, with a tackling style of often shocking and inappropriate venom and recklessness. On top of his 10 game ban in 2005/6 and a two game ban earlier this year he now has another short rest.

But where is the incremental punishment that is needed to deter this behaviour and protect the potential victims?

We explained earlier in this blog (see story here) how we felt this ought to work and still believe it would help clear the game of the thugs or the just plain reckless.

Yet, the RFL see no problem here … slapping wrists after each offence without addressing the holistic and core issue, which is either endemic ill-discipline or at best very poor technique.

Surely it’s now time to act. Punish the act. Correct the issue. Protect the game.

But grow some b&lls first.