Month: May 2007

Red haze …

I doubt if there was anything more predictable - following the debacle in Perpignan last weekend - than that the Salford City Reds and Karl Harrison were [...]

Packers un-ravel …

Brett Favre always was the player I most wanted to be. Tough. Gritty. Swashbuckling. Tragic. Triumphant . And ultimately, heroic. Favre was Superman at [...]

More on Newton’s Law …

The RFL is endangering its players and jeopardising club finances by failing to act forcefully against the endemic foul play of repeat offenders. Case in [...]

It’s Reffin’ Tough …

The introduction of professional referees this season was supposed to be a progressive step. Yet, here we are, just half way through the first season and the [...]


Referee, Steve Ganson, is as impartial and imperfect as any sports official; imperfect because he's human and prone to the same assumptions and misperceptions [...]

Follow the Magic

The concept was visionary. The execution, bold. But what was the verdict?The inaugural Millennium Magic experience is history; or should we say History? Whilst [...]

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