monday morning halfback :: Fixture Apathy

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Monday Mornin’ Halfback BannerSitting in the office in Liverpool I got a chance to browse a selection of the Monday papers. The release of Super League’s fixtures for 2007 appears to have been met with a blaze of apathy by the nationals I could get access to (Indy, Mail, Express, Sun, Guardian and Telegraph).

At least the Daily Mail was helpful enough to tell me that Hull-Hull KR will clash on Easter Monday and that the rest of the fixtures were viewable online. But there was nothing in the rest as far as I could see.

Perhaps the RFL missed a trick here; they could have better promoted the fixtures’ release by focussing on May’s Millennium Magic weekend, making a big splash of the match-ups and the whole package.

In fact, having finally tracked them down online at I’m thinking all that apathy might be a mercy. Because only rugby league could kick-off a season with a Round Three match (!!) which is then closely followed a week later by all the Round 1 matches (?).

Whilst I get it that Saints and Huddersfield are meeting out of sequence in order to free Saints up for the World Club Challenge the whole thing is clumsy and confusingly presented.

Ce la vie. As long as we all turn up on time it’ll be fine.

I was really keen to see the line-ups for the Millennium Magic weekend and there are some belting games in there but predictably the RFL have gone for local-derby clashes.

It ought to be a great weekend in Cardiff though.

And who knows it … might even cheer-up the Welsh … after Saturday’s shellacking by the All Blacks they’ll need it.