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The Hopeful:There’s life in the Bay. Oakland got up off the canvas and poked the Superbowl Stealers (sic) in the eye in ABC’s late game Sunday. With a four down goal line stand and four picks, off a hapless Ben Roethlesberger, the Raider ‘D’ won them the game.

Could it be the Silver and Black reallly are back?

Nah … can’t happen … if only they’d drafted a quality QB (Oh, Leinhart maybe?) then they’d be decent.

The Good: Oregon State Beaver’s damn stonking win over the creaking USC Trojans. Great! And not just for ending the Trojan empire’s 27 game lossless streak, but mainly because it tosses a lineman-sized spanner in the BCS machine. Crank *those* numbers baby.

The Bad: The Tigers World Series no-show in St.Louis. Hey feel free to not throw the games away guys. Without consistent power hitters you’re going to be in a lot of 1 or 2 two run games, huh. So go figure how you win those if you’re gonna scatter 5 unearned runs off 4 errant throws over a 5 game series. Time to get the pitchers into a little fielding practice Jim.

And all in all it was a shame because the Tigers deserved better from a breakout season. Next year is going to be tough.

But when it came right down to it, I guess these Tigers just didn’t believe. And we know how that turns out ‘cos you just can’t stop beleivin’ … ask the Whitesox!

Next time turn up with a catchy team bonding cheesy tune and rip up the WS.

C ya Tigers, bin nice rootin’ with ya.

The Ugly: Is it too early to start the annual ‘rip the BCS’ feeding frenzy? Aw come on … just a nibble?

Seriously it’s a total sham. What way to arrive at a national champion. And USC’s loss to OSU now leaves about a gazillion one loss teams all jiving for a shot at the title, whilst the Mountaneers and some team from the ‘ville are rattling up winless seasons against patsy schedules, further devaluing a wreck of a competitive structure.

Look, on the field College football is great. Off the field the rivalries and traditions are great. But, the whole mess needs a properly organised competitive structure to knit it all together, tie a ribbon and bow on it and serve up an undisputable blue-chip Championship game.

Until we get one … we’re just a step away from playground pickup.

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