Damn Dish …

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Somedays you just know the sportsGods are against you; this Saturday was one of them.

Everything was set. I’d been waiting for an age for today — it was kickoff day for College Football on NASN and okay it was an ‘ordinary’ first game but it was football and it was back.

It all started to unravel early though.

First, I tuned in for the usual ‘College Gameday’ coverage only to find NASN had dropped it this time around. Instead they were launching straight into the games. So I’m gonna miss my Lee Corso fix I guess. In fact, I’m sensing some kinda fallout between ESPN and NASN as most of ‘the world wide leader in sports’ stuff has gradually been phased-out. Initially for some second rate NFL Network stuff and now – in this instance at least – it’s gone altogether.

Anyhow, that all meant I’d seriously mis-timed the ‘Ironing’ trick (See: Gridironing) and the laundry basket was empty long before kickoff time. (ye, gods I might have to take in laundary if this continues).

Still the sportsGods seemed to smile though as Mrs sportSofa opted to turn a blind-eye to my lounging around and hogging the TV remote.

Kickoff came and went. Texas nipped into an early 7-0 lead.

And then it happened! … perhaps the sportsGod has a wife too ?? Who knows?

Outside, the wind was continuingto bellow and bluster as hard as it had all day; dumping the wet rainy stuff in buckets.

Well, I guess that all set the willow trees behind the house into a mass frenzy (hell knows it certainly wasn’t the all-Texas blowout on TV). And don’t you know it … the dratted satellite dish started to play-up.

The signal came and went faster than a Texas touchdown; turning oneintricate option play into a Mr. Bean style break-dance.

In the end I ditchedthe game – set Sky+ to record the overnight Utah-UCLA clash – and resigned myself to watching England v Andorra (Euro Cup Qualifier, 5-0) on the BBC instead. And what a 5-star yawn that was; although there was some prime time ‘simulation’ on show as usual.

I’m gonna take and axe to those trees … or the damn dish … before next weekend.