Football Fantasy

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Help. Can anyone trade me top-10 tight-end for a mid-range – could be hot – quarterback? Look, I’m not desperate but the stretch could kill me, look I’m just a little light in that area and I could maybe do with some cover.
Ok, okay. Listen the Fantasy Football thing is getting me hooked in a massive way. I’ve spent the past 12 months listening to ESPN Insider podcasts with tales of all sorts of mouth-breathing weirdoes playing this stuff (thanks Colin Cowherd {ESPN The Herd}). And I’ve resisted as long as I can … but right now I’m sinking. I’m into two ESPN leagues and have an draft coming up on Saturday. Already knee deep in horse-trading players around; this is cool.
I dabbled in the soccer fantasy stuff here in the UK last year but it’s lame by comparison. Picking the best combination from the top players in the EPL will usually see you in good stead against everyone else’s perception of the best combination of the same 20 or so guys, then all you gotta do is let the points roll-in. But this NFL is cool … I get to draft players and no one else can have them. Yeah soccer dude … in your fantasy league everyone has Frank Lampard … but here no one else can have Larry Johnson and LaDanian Tomlinson if I’ve got ‘em (I wish). So I get to pit my real (fantasy) team against every one else’s real (fantasy) team.
I can’t wait for the NFL kickoff a week on Sunday … course I might be too busy tinkering with some last minute trades and picking sleepers up off waivers to tune in live … but hey that’s what SKY+ (translation – TIVO) is for ain’t it?

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