Frosty morn

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[NOTE: I think this is mine, but cannot be sure]

the golden glow
of the autumn sun
brushes the fence

chilling my cheeks
the wind
welcomes me outside

scattering bird nuts
the crunch of frost as i walk –
cold feet

to the study and warmth –
fragrant coffee

the fence steams –

amidst the frost
scarlet waistcoat buttoned tight
robin bobs proudly

hungry blue jay
glides to the pear tree –
searching for food

everpresent blackbirds
feast on the peanuts –
yellow beaks full

and the blue-tits
so dapper on the fence –
wait patiently

my squirrel friend stands
white chest flash showing
gnawing treasured nuts

with a quick dart
the pink blushing chaffinch
grabs a stray morsel