Sad Sox

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Oh boy. The pain just keeps coming for the Redsox. Bleeding from a 5-0 home sweep by the Yankees and reeling from a 3-0 sweep at the Mariners they are sliding to another 3-0 sweep at the Athletics.

But even worse than that the club is being rocked by injuries as player after player goes down with an eclectic range of ailments. Lately Manny’s knee and Ortiz’s heart murmer have grabbed the headlines; but destined to trump them is news that young phenom pitcher, John Lester, has enlarged nypmh glands a symptom of – amongst other things – Cancer; although obviously its to be hoped that this worst-case scenario doesn’t come to pass for John.

If there ever was a curse at Fenway then it seem 2004 didn’t vanquish it at all … merely scared it from the door … and now it is back with a vengenance.