10 Things I don’t get about … USA sport today:

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I don’t get … why anyone is surprised that a team (the Pittsburgh Steelers) who rode a wide-eyed miracle downhill all the way to a Super Bowl trophy in 2006 is struggling to repeat the feat in 2007
I don’t get … how a National Championship can be decided at the ballot-box and confirmed by an Excel spreadsheet rather than being settled on the field.
I don’t get … how a brazenly unapologetic drugs-cheat is allowed to continue his career, steal a hallowed home-run record and heap disrepute on a whole sport
I don’t get … why cows have to die *just* to make basketballs; surely they could’ve used the stuff left over after the butcher’s cart left to make the balls grippy And did NBA Marketing miss a trick here? Branded NBA burgers could be a hit and generate spin off proceeds to PETA.
I don’t get … how a drugs-cheat who said sorry – sorry for something — is allowed not just to continue his career but afforded a ton of sympathy for battling back into the Yankee line-up now he’s finally clean.
I don’t get … how Brady Quinn can be the best player in College Football (Maxwell Trophy, 2006) when he’s not even the Best Quarterback (Troy Smith) – who also claimed the Heisman Trophy – for … er for the best college player?
I don’t get … why the NBA regular season only manages to eliminate 14 of the 16 franchises despite an eighty game schedule? Is it because they start the season whilst no one is watching?
I don’t get … how the NHL can fail to translate its intensity, passion and skilful brutality into saleable TV package. Is it time to give Speilberg call? Or why not take the reality TV route and let the cameras ‘backstage’?
I don’t get … where the Redsox are going to find a closer and when they’re going to give the hunt some priority instead of playing Chicken with Scott Boras. Hey, let the guy go stew … no way can he afford *not* to see this deal done.
I don’t get … how Michigan fans can bleat about being leap frogged by Florida when their respective schedules are poles apart. Just wait till the Gators snap-up the Buckeyes in the National Championship game. Then you’ll wonder too.