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… there’s a real beauty in sharing in the spontaneous play of children; and art can really bring out the best in them.

There’s a wonderful song that touches on this sort of subject by poet-singer Harry Chapin (who I’m sure most of you are far to young to remember); it’s called “Flowers Are Red” and is one of the most poignant songs I can recall.

I tried to capture some of it too (well for 10 minutes anyway) but all I could come up with was the following. Try and get to hear Chapin; it’ll bring tears to your eyes too – I bet!

The colour of the soul
Beautiful colour and form
Perfectly arranged.

Organised tasks and ideals
Perfectly executed.

In the classroom
Paint pots and paper set aside
The chatter subsides.

With sadness – I watch
A playful child’s wild abandon
Lose sight of the rules.

Bold strokes, with primaries?
Perspective all shot to proportion –
Misconceptions of rules.

But in it all
A wholeness stands out – this color
That form – their laughter.

Through it all
A chattering joyful energy –
Spontaneous creation.

Fingers and hands
Feeling the colours, smoothing the form
Being the picture.

True art sets ego aside
Reveals the beautiful landscape –
The colours of the soul.

————————–:) Degasian