End of the line

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I first saw you
In a station far far away
Through a train window.

Osteoporosis –
An old man waiting for the lift
Comforts his wife.

Bent double now
Your feet in constant view –
How old you feel.

And that touch,
Felt a thousand times still warms,
Poor Arthur – so affectionate.

Still gallant, even now,
He fusses along beside you –
How he drives you mad.

The lift arrives –
You take his proffered arm –
Changing platforms.

Of course, you need him.
And in that strange way, he too
Is lost without you.

Two husks,
Fossils in a dangerous sea of
Jostling passengers.

Finally aboard –
Breathless and tearful you sit,
Arthur and you.

Like a worn slipper,
The silences are comforting –
Effortless devotion.

Memories slip by
In rhythm with the speeding train –
How you think it was.

Soon – you think –
This long journey will end and
Then how you will rest.

Stealing glances
At the rolling scenery –
It hurts to look up.

Verdant fields
And winding hedgerows –
Quintessential England.

Soon, you too remember,
A very different journey –
A younger couple.

The years roll back
With each click of passing track –
Just briefly – no pain.

For a moment
You smile and squeeze my hand –
Alice still loves Arthur.

—————————–:( Degasian