Year: 1999

Frosty morn

[NOTE: I think this is mine, but cannot be sure] the golden glow of the autumn sun brushes the fence chilling my cheeks the wind welcomes me outside scattering [...]

Squirrel 1

how do they do it - squirrels racing nose to tail along the fence top [...]

Squirrel 2

my squirrel friend stands white chest flash showing gnawing treasured [...]


sitting to write i meet the blankness of no words talk radio drone host, winding-up the callers - clink of ice on glass light trickles slowly flowing from the [...]


wind-scoured hill lonely weeping willow - grateful bird's shelter [...]

Sad Sox

Oh boy. The pain just keeps coming for the Redsox. Bleeding from a 5-0 home sweep by the Yankees and reeling from a 3-0 sweep at the Mariners they are sliding [...]

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