The American President and the Onslaught on Democracy

Donald Trump may not be the anti-Christ, but his increasingly abhorrent and corrosive actions are very definitely anti-democratic. [...]

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SpinCycle1:rinse repeat

As powerful and long-lasting as the British establishment is, it still knows fear. Right now it is in an almighty lather, not over Jeremey Corbynn so much, but more so over [...]

Je suis Euro. Et vous?

In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, I am numbed, saddened and fearful for our future. Outside it's a cold wet blustery June day. Perhaps it is apt that, on a day which [...]

Are We There Yet …?

This ill-considered EU referendum has split the nation, colleagues, maybe friends, even families. Certainly I've watched dismayed as people I've known for years parroted [...]

It’s my blog, I’ll rant if I want to…

A country is nothing but a place you were born. Yet it shapes you inexorably, just as as you in turn shape it. And that's just the way it is, you against the rest, for [...]

Democracy is day to day …

You may believe, or chooose to believe, that we live in a democratic nation you and I. To the extent that we are free to choose those who seem to lead us, and only to that [...]

Fighting back against the elective dictatorship …

Can anyone recall when the Labour Party became afraid (or ashamed) of its own past; when its leading members balked at letting the ugly red-haired kid play outside in the [...]

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