SpinCycle1:rinse repeat

As powerful and long-lasting as the British establishment is, it still knows fear. Right now it is in an almighty lather, not over Jeremey Corbynn so much, but more so over the threat to the system that the mass engagement of citizens directly in the political process potentially represents; a massive sea-change in British politics. Whether Corbynn eventually proves to… Read more →

Je suis Euro. Et vous?

In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, I am numbed, saddened and fearful for our future. Outside it’s a cold wet blustery June day. Perhaps it is apt that, on a day which represents the very worst of the ‘Little Britain mentality’ spouted by Brexit-supporters, our weather too is showing its dark-side. The repercussions of the decision have been swift and… Read more →

Are We There Yet …?

This ill-considered EU referendum has split the nation, colleagues, maybe friends, even families. Certainly I’ve watched dismayed as people I’ve known for years parroted horrific xenophobic rhetoric, simply because it came from a source that seemingly supported their cause “to Brexit”. It has been a hateful, spiteful and deeply disturbing campaign. One that has clearly shown the guttersnipe level to… Read more →

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